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Do you feel emotionally comfortable in your work environment?

Do you feel that you belong and that your efforts make a difference at work?

The answers from these questions will reflect the state of your company culture and the level of employee engagement your management fosters.

Forbes discusses two studies that illustrate the influence of a healthy company culture. These two studies discuss the value of fostering happiness and collaboration in the workplace. Not only does healthy company culture cultivate loyalty and employee retention, but it also saves a company’s bottom line financially. We have many valuable reasons to identify and encourage a robust company culture.

You do not need to spend large sums of money to work toward office camaraderie, and you certainly can not force it, or it loses its authenticity. So what are some ways you can build an inclusive, invigorating, and team-building culture in your office?

Luckily, I’ve got lots of ideas, but today I’m going to share two easy ones:

Tiny Investment, Big Payoff

Have you ever heard this sentence?

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.”

Showing the appreciation and conveying the thank you to the employee must be authentic. Emailing a typewritten message with ten people cc’d has the right notion, but it loses an original personal touch.

If your office is continuing to work remotely, there is another option that can resonate as much if not more than an email. Here is an example:

I’ve worked remotely for most of my career. My boss would snail mail me handwritten thank you notes, just a sentence or two in her own scrawl expressing her heartfelt recognition of my hard work. It made me feel like a million bucks and only made me want to do even better for her and help the company succeed further.

It’s that easy to show your appreciation! Buy yourself a box of attractive, blank thank you cards and write something from the heart, yet professionally worded.

It does make you pause and evaluate – what do I value about this individual as my employee? How do I see them shine in their role?

Don’t worry — if you need some thank you note inspiration here are some ideas to get you started.

Remote Team Builders

If you are starting to schedule in-person events and team building activities, and many of your employees are dreading seeing their colleagues, then to that, I’d say – oh dear!

When employees dread socializing with their teammates, it means these professional gatherings have lost their way. Social gatherings for your team should create a sense of anticipation and bonding. It is time to re-evaluate what you can do to appeal to a sense of happiness and collaboration. But how?

Here’s something you may not have thought of:

Ask your employees how they would like to interact with their co-workers. Yes, get your employees’ input on methods of connection.

Maybe they’ll suggest an hour of interactive games, like Catchphrase, every week. Perhaps they want to hold a beer and quiz night where everyone must dress like their favourite movie personality.

Whatever they suggest, you have an opportunity to check in on what resonates with your people. What do they see as bonding that is still in keeping with your company culture? Giving them a chance to participate in this process stimulates respect and collaboration as well.

The Takeaway

Investing the time to listen to your team and finding ways to socialize, will help your employees collaborate and find a stride together.

The outcome will be worth it, financially and karmically.

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