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The Journey to an Engaged World

At Engynn, we envision a world of more engaged, inspired, people.

The story, as told by our founder.

The year was 2010, and I was a recent graduate working in marketing and operations for a large national retailer. I was tasked with the basic objective of most in that role: increasing sales and company performance. But one questions nagged me: why is it that some companies just do better than others? The answer, as I, and many others would find out: higher organizational engagement. To put it simply, business success starts from the ground up in any organization. Clarity on culture, better communication, and consistency are all important in attracting the right people, keeping them engaged, setting the right direction, and better serving your customers. I have used these principles to help several companies grow their profitability and build a foundation of success.

Using Technology to Engage:
Let’s make one thing clear: culture doesn’t come from technology, it starts in your organization. However, throughout my career I was constantly seeking tools to help me better streamline engagement-related areas such as communication, online training, hosting of documents for consistency, etc. Although there are many solutions, they were often extremely complicated, difficult to use, and overall, intimidating. This is why I created Engynn – it’s a tool for helping you increase organizational engagement without the hassles that many software will put you through.

Tremayne is also a shareholder in https://moveogo.com

Tremayne A Tyler

Tremayne A Tyler


Our Beliefs

Engagement makes the world a better place

Companies with engaged people make the world a better place. When we’re engaged, we continue to innovate, better serve our fellow humans, and serve as an example for others. We strive to play a part in this process.

Technology Should be Simple

We break down the barriers of engagement tech by creating simple software that is intuitive and user-friendly.

Customer satisfaction is everything

It’s not even a question. If our customers aren’t 1000% satisfied, we haven’t done our jobs. Our customers must WANT to be with us, not forced to.