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If you’ve ever struggled to share internal information within your company (and get people to actually read the information), you’re not alone. Many companies struggle with this.

How do you share information without overloading your employees and customers with emails and files? There is a solution – creating an intranet!

An intranet gives you a system to share files, organize them, and archive them. Intranets are the perfect way for companies to securely share information with their internal stakeholders – their customers, employees, and vendors. They connect internal users so that information can be shared easily, quickly, and efficiently.

If you’re considering creating an intranet for your company, here are just of few of the exceptional benefits:

Informs Your Users

An intranet is the most efficient tool to share information with your users. It archives files so they can be accessed at any time, and it categorizes the files so that they are easy to find. Our Engynn intranet also has a search function so that you can type in keywords to quickly search for the file you are looking for. In addition, we offer a newsletter plugin that allows you to email out all the new information that has been added to your intranet so that all of your users can stay informed. Our newsletter will link directly to files that were added to the intranet, so it saves time for your users.

Streamlines Information

An intranet will streamline all your information so that your users can stay up to date with everything going on at your company. Our Engynn intranet uses a timeline to store all your files chronologically so that your most recent files are the first thing a user will see. You can also use customized categories to archive files that your users may need to reference. Lastly, our “Docs” file section allows you to create folders for permanent files that users will need to regularly access.

Engages Users

Creating an intranet will keep your users engaged. Using our newsletter feature as a weekly email blast will keep your users engaged with all the latest company news, and the comments section in the newsfeed will allow your users to ask questions and add comments about any new information. You can also create logins for every customer and employee, so they can converse amongst each other. Our Engynn messenger chat feature is also an easy way to connect all of your users.

Creates Consistency

Using an intranet to house all of your company’s information will keep consistency for your brand. It allows you to store files, like logos, so that your employees are always using the correct version. It also allows you to store documents, like your brand book, to ensure that employees are using correct colour codes, paint colours, and brand standards. An intranet also keeps information consistent because you can update files with the click of a button. For example, if the date of a meeting changes, you can easily go in and update the file so that there is no confusion amongst your users.

Supports Onboarding

Having an intranet that is full of all of your company’s information is a great tool to have for onboarding new employees. It gives them one tool to access and view all of your company’s information, so they can learn and reference anything they might need to know. We can also design training modules that will help teach your new employees how to use the intranet.

Saves Time and Money

Utilizing an intranet can save your company time and money. It is a cost-effective way to inform your customers and house all of your company’s information. It will save your users time by giving them one easy-to-use tool they can use to access any information they need. It will also save your customers money by promptly supplying them with information from suppliers on specials and deals. Lastly, it will save your employees time by condensing multiple emails into one place on the intranet.

Once you start using an intranet, there’s no doubt that your users and employees will thank you for making their life easier. It’s an essential tool for any company! Read more about creating an Engynn intranet here.

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