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Can you guess the author of this famous quote?

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Richard Branson, founder of The Virgin Group, is famously known for his approach to great leadership.

Without the customer, there is no business. To maintain a happy and healthy customer relationship, Branson understands this basic human requirement: the respect and appreciation that Branson shows his employees will reverberate down to the customers. I think you can agree that Branson has certainly proven this method is successful.

The concept is fantastic, but the questions become how can we put this engagement into action?

Employee Incentives Program

Getting your employees to set goals can boost work incentive and providing them rewards for meeting their goals enhances validation. When an employer has forgotten to acknowledge his workers, the drive to please customers goes right down the drain.

Implementing an incentive program in your workplace can be as simple as starting a monthly challenge or as elaborate as creating an employee recognition software that tracks performance in more detail.

Need some inspiration? Here is a website that compares different programs for you:

Click Here for Incentive Program Inspiration

Empathy Schedule

Work is just a slice of your life. While it counts for a large percentage of your week, everyone has important personal commitments. Kids and pets have appointments. Family members pass away. Babies are born. To maintain a balanced life everyone needs to tend to loved ones and care for oneself.

A boss who provides some leniency and empathy for employees’ special circumstances will built trust and a good attitude from your staff.  If your team receives empathy, then they will be more likely to carry this through to your customer base.

Work From Home Option

If we’ve learned anything during the Pandemic, it’s how flexible work can be from home.  It has forced us to realize that a physical workspace isn’t always a necessity and could even save you financially on overhead.

Working from home could put your employees in a better headspace and could allow them to relate even better to their customers. When employees are working from home, it is important than an employer makes an extra effort to connect with the staff and makes sure they have all the tools they need to succeed – technologically and emotionally.


Offer courses to help your workers win; this might mean offering some basic training in the Microsoft Suite or perhaps you deploy a program in safety certifications. Investing in your employees’ skills improvement builds confidence and competency.

Training courses can bring your employees emotional and intellectual security that will result in better service to customers because your workers are more informed and can do their jobs better and more efficiently.

There are a ton of engagement methods to fortify customer service through your employees.  These are just a few examples:

  • If you’re not sure what would work best for your business, do some research into what is working for companies like yours.
  • Shortlist two or three ideas and take a poll in your office to see which programs might best drive your team. Ask what motivates them to be better at work, better at their jobs, and, in the end, perform the best customer service in your industry. Find out what matters most and what drives them.


ENGYNN TECHNOLOGIES is all about employee engagement. Utilize the News Feed and News Suite features to promote your employee incentives program or up and coming training events. 

When employees need to book time off from work or rearrange their work hours, in your efforts to be empathetic to their personal responsibilities you can ask them to post their selected time off on Engynn’s Event Calendar to show employees’ availability.

The Social Messenger feature is particularly useful for those working remotely, to connect frequently and securely from home.

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