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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Engynn Different Than Every Other Intranet?

Engynn was built by people like you: professionals who have searched for an intranet software solution and found the process incredibly frustrating. That’s why we’ve set out to build a completely unique solution on three pillars:

  1. Easy To Use: Intranet software should be intuitive, user-friendly, and all around simple. That’s why we built our interface with simplicity in mind.
  2. Easy To Launch: We built an intranet that is EASY to launch in hours or days, not months!
  3. Cost Effective: Wonder why our competitors are more expensive? It’s because they maintain large overhead, sales staff to upsell you, and implementation staff to plan your intranet roll-out with you. We offer 24/7 support and training, however most of our clients just want to launch their AWESOME intranets on their own time!

We’re also strongly committed to maintaining a beautiful user-friendly interface, and a reinvented user interface.


Can we schedule a conference call to demo/discuss Engynnn?


Yes! Our staff are happy to talk to you any time of the day, and we can schedule in demos to overview the software with your business decision makers. Contact sales@engynn.com and say HELLO!

What Does It Cost?

Engynn offers three tiers of pricing – free, standard, and premium. Most users use our FREE or $99/month plan.

Which do you need? That depends on your needs, but we guarantee we have a plan that suites your needs!

What Payment Methods Can I Use?

You can get started for free, and choose to upgrade with a credit card. However, we also can provide invoicing (oac) if you don’t want to put down a credit card. If you’re looking to set up invoicing, contact sales@engynn.com

How Much Storage Do I Get?

We’re VERY generous with storage. However – there are specific limitations for each tier (free, standard, and premium). View the exact plan details here.

Here’s what is limited by plans, depending on your plan you will have different limits on:

  • Number Of Users and User Teams
  • File Storage (Doc Suite)


Can I Restrict Access Levels?

Engynn’s team restriction functions allow you to place users in teams and customize access levels, messaging, news, and pages completely to your needs.

What If I Eventually Need More Resources?

Not a problem! Engynn is 100% scalable to your needs. If you need additional user accounts, storage, or anything else down the line, you can upgrade at any moment.

How Is Content Secured?

Your intranet will be hosted at a secure URL and password protected. You can create as many user accounts as your tier allows, all with a unique password. We follow security protocols that will ensure your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Can we host it, or is it just cloud based?

Unfortunately at this point, we do not offer a “host it yourself” version of Engynn, we only offer the service hosted on our servers.

Does Engynn Offer Training/Support?

Yes! For each customer we offer one 60-minute full training call if needed. However, 24/7 phone and chat support is available afterwards.
(Standard & Premium Plans Only).


What if I want to end my subscription?

We’re always sorry to see a customer go, however subscriptions can be cancelled at any time! Full data backups can also be provided for standard/premium customers.