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If you’ve browsed other intranet softwares in your past searches for a solution, you may have noticed that there is a large price difference between Engynn and other similar portal softwares. In fact, many competitors are priced from $5,000 – $8,000 per month, whereas we fit in the $99-$800/month range. So why exactly is that, and how do we offer the service at affordable rates?

1) We don’t employ large implementation teams:

The first thing you need to understand is many large intranet portal companies are not only selling you a service, but want to work with you on your needs analysis, implementation, training, and planning process. These additional services can be helpful, and in fact, we offer these services for those who request them. However, most of our clients don’t want to be bothered, and are seeking a solution that is easy to implement on their own. For this reason, we don’t need to employ large implementation support teams to come to your workplace, meeting with management, or perform other expensive tasks that drive our prices up.

2) We’re focused on support, not sales:

We do not have commission-based sales reps to cold call, follow up with, and manage client accounts. Instead, we have support staff that are ready to talk with you on the phone, or via chat, 24/7. If we support you, and make Engynn the easiest, most convenient, intranet portal solution available, we know it will grow on it’s own. Once again, this savings in cost allows us to offer Engynn Intranet at a more reasonable price.

3) Our tech is built in-house, not licensed.

Many of our competitors offer services to connect with your internal infrastructures like microsoft drive, dropdox, etc. Our tech, such as Engynn File Cloud is built and maintained in-house, and of the highest quality. Once again, saving on these licensing fees allows us to offer the service for less than our competitors.

4) The Word Doesn’t Need Another high-cost solution.

We dream of a world where people are better connected, and engaged with their workplace. If you or your business are seeking an expensive custom software solution, there are many solutions available. We, however, are in the business of making connected workplaces as available as possible.