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It’s no surprise, there are a ton of great Intranet Portal Softwares available for you to choose from, and frankly it is difficult to tell exactly what makes them different. So today, we want to explain what makes exactly makes Engynn different than the other Intranet Portal Softwares available?

Engynn is easier to get started

Many of our competitors are not targeting the business that want an easy-to-start intranet. For this reason, other services do not have instant sign up, they’ll take your information and the first available account representative will call you for a consultation, needs analysis, and roll-out plan. These services can be good, however we find that many of our clients want to dive into their intranet and start building it at their own pace.

Engynn has multi-location capabilities for retail/franchise

One thing that makes Engynn Intranet Portal extremely unique is it’s multi-location setup capabilities. Engynn was built by people with experience in retail and franchise environments. In this world you may have extremely diverse business locations separated by different regions, store types, or even brand names. For example, some restaurant groups may 12 different locations with completely different business names. See more about multi-location access here. 

Engynn costs less

Whereas some competing Intranet softwares cost between $5,000-$10,000/month, Engynn is priced in the $99 – $1,000/month range. We discuss this topic in more detail here, however we are able to offer our service for less primarily because we focus on SUPPORT, not sales and implementation upselling. We don’t have large sales teams, and frankly, we’re not interested in ever hiring them.

No long-term contracts

We want you to use Engynn because it’s great, not because you’re locked in a contract. For that reason, you can cancel your subscription at any time.